We take pride in bringing you the very highest quality. It starts with our premium oats, which are cut thick to preserve their natural texture. Then we add flax seed to deliver an oatmeal that is both nutritious and delightfully tasty. And, of course, we only use genuine pieces of fruit-never artificially dyed or reconstituted versions of other fruits. We think you will be able to taste the Better Oats® difference.

Better Ingredients

Better Oats Ingredients

Wouldn't you rather have
Better Oats ingredients?

100% Whole Grain Oats

Naturally firm and hearty. Never over-processed and never mushy.

Real pieces of fruit

You always know what you're getting with our fruit-real apples, peaches and strawberries. Just for fun, check the ingredients on your old oatmeal brand. Most of the strawberry oatmeal sold uses reconstituted apple bits, flavored and dyed to seem like strawberries. Same with peaches. Don't be fooled by imposter fruits!

Thick, quick, steel cut and old-fashioned oats

All the hearty and natural texture but still fast and microwavable.

Better Oats Packaging

Better Packaging

Innovative Built-in Measuring Cup Pouch

Do you want to know exactly how much water to use to make our oatmeal, without hunting around for a measuring cup? Use our innovative measuring cup pouch built into the packet!