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Oat Revolution® 100% premium steel cut oats are cut thick to preserve their natural texture. By adding flax we ensure that our oats deliver more than just great taste and texture but are a good source of ALA Omega-3. Try all three hearty, family favorite flavors.

You’ll love the hearty taste and texture of steel cut oats with the added convenience of instant oats. So raise your spoon and join our steel cut Oat Revolution!

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Good News on the Steel Cut Front - 
its a hit with the Supermarket Guru

Phil Lempert revied Better Oats Steel Cut Classic in today’s edition of Hits & Misses and rated it a HIT! He scored it a 90, noting that he loves the flax and the cooking speed. As you’ll recall from our previous work with Phil, he doesn’t throw around “hits” very easily, and this is the third such rating for the products (Better Oats RAW Pure & Simple Pomegranate, Spooners, and now Steel Cut) in a year. Simply put, MOM Brands® is on a roll with Phil!